Wednesday, 3 September 2008

St Matthews Church Lincoln. Consumed by Fire

I have been personally involved in matters with regard to this old Listed Church Building for some two and a half years now. I was also the only person to highlight to the residents, that lived in the shadows of St Matthews, what events were to take place in the near future.

I organised and held two local residents meetings over a year ago now with the backing and support from a number of local residents. I made it very clear at that time what the intentions of the Islamic Association Of Lincoln (IAOL) would be and I predicted that this very thing would happen.

To this day I am 100% certain that it is because of this very prediction that St Matthews was not burned down some 12 months ago, and also as a result of my opinions at that time I now find myself as a possible suspect in the police investigation.

I have nothing to hide and it is because of this that I have decided to conduct my own independent investigation into these matters.

Please keep checking back on this blog for regular updates and findings of my investigation as I will be posting everything onto here for your scrutiny.

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