Thursday, 14 February 2008

Calls to ban 'anti-teen' device

Campaigners are calling for a ban on a device that emits a high-pitched sound to disperse groups of teenagers, saying it is not a fair way to treat them.

There are estimated to be 3,500 of the devices, known as the Mosquito, in use in England, many at shopping centres.

Their sound causes discomfort to young ears - but their frequency is above the normal hearing range of people over 25.

England's children's commissioner backs a ban but stores say the devices can be useful against anti-social youths.

What humans can hear

The devices, which exploit the fact that a person's ability to hear high frequencies generally declines once they reach their 20s, have proved popular with councils and police who aim to tackle anti-social behaviour by using them to disperse groups of youths.

But a new campaign called "Buzz off", led by the children's commissioner for England and backed by groups including civil liberties group Liberty, is calling for them to be banned.

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Red Squirrel said...

Hi Rick,
I think these 'buzz off' devices are an excellent idea. I find it very intimidating when feral youths hang around our local shops after dark. I never know what to expect. Usually they want someone to purchase cigarettes or alcohol for them, and become offended when refused. I now avoid that shop altogether, preferring to go to another local shop, where the addicts gather waiting for the dealer to turn up. They tend not to bother anyone as they are ill and anxious.
The police are well aware of them but do nothing. After all prisons are not the answer, we need proper rehabilitation centres for these unfortunates.
As for the other reprobates and troublemakers a spell in the Army may be effective, and I think that we should be able to defend ourselves against them.
A few months ago a gang of them were hanging around outside the flats where I live and two of them sat on the bonnet of our neighbours car. The young woman came out and asked them politely not to do so. All Hell broke loose, a brick, followed by a piece of furniture were hurled through her window and they started to wreck her garden. She had two children under 5 years old, and her husband was at work, but she bravely punched one of them hard in the face! my husband and other neighbours rushed to her aid, only to find a screeching harridan ( the Mother of one of them) " You carnt 'it im 'ees only fourteen"
I then rushed down intending to do do her some damage, but was stopped by my husband, who had been 'nutted' by one of them, who wanted him to retaliate, because the little b*****d knew that my husband would have been the one charged with assault.
These so so-called 'kids' were the size of adults and should be treated as such!
Eventually the police turned up, they took statements but no charges were made.
It really makes my blood boil!