Sunday, 27 January 2008

Do you Facebook?

About 2 months ago, I, like many hundreds of thousands of other ordinary people across the globe, received an email that had been sent to me via 'Facebook' (an online social networking provider). The email was from a person who i knew and considered to be a friend (and still is might I add). In light of this, I took it upon myself to follow the links, and, as prompted, began to enter my details, (hey! Its from my buddy right, its got to be harmless, hasn't it?) only to find that I had just registered myself on 'Facebook'.

Although I had heard a lot about facebook in the media, I never bothered to look it up as it just wasn't the kind of thing I'm interested in. Once on there however I found myself looking up people from the past, kind of like a 'Friends Reunited' thing. I have to admit, I was sucked in. Having found a number of people, of whom, I had not seen in years, and looking thru their pictures, I decided to upload some family pictures of my own.

If only I had seen this before hand, I would have never done it. I have already closed my account, however, the details and pictures I did put up are now in the possession of scrupulous people who's only wish is to enslave us all

I personally feel violated and would urge anyone - who has not already - fallen for this, government and commercially motivated, detailed personal information collection system, to stay well clear!

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